About Us

We present you with the simplest tea brewing method so that more people can better understand and enjoy high-quality traditional artisan Pu'er tea. Our Pu'er tea leaves are packed into small individual cans to keep them hygienic, minimalist and easy to store. The modern and attractive tea packaging design is ideal for both gifting and personal consumption too.

A Leaf has 18 years of experience in making tea in-house and we use the highest quality Pu'er tea leaves from both ancient and old tea trees. The ancient trees are over 300 years old while the old trees are around 100-200 years old. The ancient tree tea leaves are richer in natural nutrients and minerals whereas the old tree tea leaves can be brewed multiple times because they have a stronger aroma, a thick and mellow flavour, and an aftertaste sweetness that leaves you wanting more!

The process of making tea is critical to the tea's quality, and we only use genuine handcrafted stone milling processes to preserve the purest and most authentic taste of ancient tree tea leaves. This craftsmanship is irreplaceable by modern machine-made production.

We believe that tea is a cultural heritage and a way of life. We hope everyone can taste, live and learn the beauty of drinking tea.

Enjoy the finest tea, beginning with A Leaf.

让这快节奏的社会更了解与品尝到优质普洱茶,我们以年轻人形式呈现最简单的冲泡方式,尝到传统工艺的高品质普洱茶香。 唯美的包装设计,不管是送礼还是自用都是非常的合适,茶叶设计以独立小罐散茶为主,简约,卫生,易保存。